Our Community Initiatives

Healthcare is not just about helping someone to live. It’s about enriching their life.

3At Nexim, we consider it our responsibility to contribute to the community we serve. We also believe that there are two kinds of communities: local and global. Our work with other local businesses and charities, as well as projects that bring people together across oceans reflects our commitment to building better lives – not just maintaining them.

With a network of trusted business partners, we can connect you with a number of services that you can be confident will deliver the same level of quality that we pride ourselves in. On this page you can find out about these businesses, and about the charitable work we support in your local community.

Fostering a multicultural community is about more than hiring members of visible minorities. Nexim considers the sharing of art and culture to be very important for enriching the lives of the people we provide care for, and in the creation of a caring attitude toward others. Nexim proudly partners with groups that share far away culture with Canadians, for education and entertainment.


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