Developmental Services

Our programs enable individuals with special needs to be active participants in their daily lives.

People with special needs are important members of their community.

You have a lot to teach. Individuals with disabilities and their families guide Nexim as we develop activities for groups and individuals in need of care. Though we list some examples, we want you to guide us about how to serve you best.

Nexim loves to create programmes that enable individuals with special needs to be active participants in activities throughout their daily lives.  Our user lead programming invites individuals with special need out and into the community.

Our programming brings a holistic approach that addresses:

  • The recreational needs of people with special needs without isolation. We  create programmes that allow individuals with special needs to participate in community events as well as individual activities.
  • Education. We develop programming that stimulates intellectual growth, and encourages participants to find and foster their own talents.
  • Activities. We arrange team sports, dance, drama, music, and other extra curricular activities.
  • Leisure. In order to properly fill someone’s needs, we recognize that their leisure time should reflect their interests and passions. We create individually tailored programmes.

Looking for some ideas? Here are some of the things we have organized in the past:

  • Dramatic arts – music, dance, theatre as participants and audience members.
  • Sports – as participants in classes and games, and attending sports events.
  • Literacy – reading and writing workshops, events such as readings and recitals.
  • Outdoor fun! – parks, beaches, day trips.

These are fee based programmes where families call and book space for a fee plus disbursements. For more information please call or contact us online.

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