Voice Alert Support System

Automated voice supported alert system to manage safety concerns, and keep in touch.

Tools for in home independent living  that provide peace of mind, independence and safety for the elderly and people with special needs.

Nexim proudly presents the launch of our first automated voice supported alert system for individuals with special needs and seniors living independently.

VASS (Voice alert support system) is an automatic messaging system that enables you and your family members to manage safety concerns, and keep in touch without compromising anyone’s independence. By setting up automatic messages and reminders, VASS can help you keep track of your own day to day needs, or the needs of a family member. It only takes one button press to get through to our Voice alert support system    and emergency services, which can make staying in your home much easier.

By ensuring that assistance is never far away, VASS can reduce the workload of primary homecare givers, and the financial worries associated with home health care. Everyone can sleep better knowing that help is never far away, and that reminders won’t be forgotten.

Here is how the system works;

  • VASS sends daily checkup calls over multiple phone lines at once.
  • Greeting messages can be customized and randomized, or can be set to a schedule to include medication reminders. Messages and reminders can be set in any preferred language.
  • Alerts can be sent by phone and email plus an alarm at the VASS monitor centre.
  • Emergency notifications can be customized to include emergency services, family members, homecare givers or community support personnel or volunteers.
  • Families and home and community support personnel and care givers can be connected for day to day curtsies, non-emergency conversations. Or Just to keep in touch!
  • The VASS systems can be managed and monitored remotely, with online progress reporting.

Benefits of using VASS:

  • Low costs as compared to a real person having to make the calls.
  • Reliable and self-sustaining system. Active and ready 24 hours a day.
  • Calling for help and keeping in contact is quick and easy as VASS helps everyone maintain a more independent lifestyle.
  • Home and community support personnel or care givers can focus on other needs and services, knowing that they can be reached at any time if an emergency occurs.
  • The system of reminders and emergency functions provide calm and respite for families.
  • Contact with loved ones in need of homecare or community living support is made easier and emergencies are handled quickly.