International Partnerships

At Nexim, we believe that communities across the world are connected. We express our social responsibility as a corporation by bringing people together, so they may enrich one another’s lives. Through our partnership with the Nexim International Development Organization (NIDO), we sponsor educational, cultural and entertainment events that allow Canadians to experience the rich cultures that foreign communities have to offer. In doing so we foster new partnerships that encourage Canadian people and businesses to learn about international development, and take part in charitable ventures that help communities in need.

If you would like to help sponsor international outreach initiatives that also brings beautiful art to the GTA and Waterloo region, you can visit the gift shop at our Toronto location, or find it online at:

The Nido gift shop is a fair trade program. Proceeds go toward building and supporting schools in Uganda, in East Africa.

One of the projects we sponsor, Dream for Uganda, works with a troupe of high school students from Uganda who come to the GTA to perform cultural and educational shows for the Canadian audience.  The students share dance, drama, poetry and storytelling from their community. Keep your eyes on the website, because this is an ongoing project with much more to come. We specifically program events for audiences with disabilities as part of our commitment to enriching the lives of the people we serve.

Arlene Margolese
Manager, Faith & Cultural Services,
Volunteer Services

Wow!  This sounds so exciting!  Good luck to you and congratulations for the work that you do.  I would be most pleased to pass this information on for our staff and the people that we support.  Thank you very much for your invitation for May 27th

Ann Marie Day
Brampton Caledon Community Living

I had a wonderful time and so did the people we support who attended.  It’s all good! I’m glad to hear about the wonderful things that will come out of it. Thanks for inviting us.


NEXIM outreach  with VITA Community Services


NEXIM outreach  with REENA Community Services